Science is facing us with its ever changing, exciting surface. Producing advances at the frontier of knowledge is a challenge that SNS scientists have imprinted in their DNA. Not only innovative, cutting-edge ideas and work are required; also, an increasingly wider range of skills and technical expertises are necessary for excellence and scientific leadership. Most of the time trans-disciplinarity is not an academic option but rather an every-day working practice.
The Center for Computational Chemistry and Cosmology, or 4C (read: Foresee) is born out of these premises and teams together the Chemistry and Cosmology research groups at SNS with a particular emphasis on the most advanced super-computing and data visualization aspects of the two disciplines. Foreseeing and unveiling the digital future of these two fundamental physical sciences is its prime mission.
In the hectic daily life of 4C, professors, experienced researchers, young post-doctoral fellows and students share a passionate common effort to achieve excellence and push one more step ahead the frontiers of knowledge. The frequent visits of world-leading experts, high-level courses in young disciplines as, e.g. Astrobiology, seminars and journal club meetings, international workshops contribute the thrilling experience of an international scientific scene and add unique benefits to education and seeding of ideas.

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