To propose a seminar please contact Livia Vallini (Cosmo) or Malgorzata Biczysko (Chemi)

Every Wednesday at 14:30, Aula Maria Curie (Palazzo d’Ancona)

Date Speaker Title Dept.
Oct 2 T. Nagao Observational Study of the Galaxy Chemical Evolution through Optical and Far-infrared Emission Lines Cosmo
Oct 15 X. Fan Coevolution of the Earliest Supermassive BH and Their Host Galaxies Cosmo
Oct 30
Nov 6
Nov 13
Nov 20
Nov 27
Dec 4 Scilla Degl'Innocenti Globular clusters: near but still mysterious Cosmo
Dec 11 Mark Dijkstra Expanding our View of Galaxies with Observations of the Circumgalactic Medium Cosmo
Dec 18
Jan 8
Jan 15
Jan 22
Jan 29 Marco Bocchio Dust processing in extreme environments Cosmo
Feb 10 Xuelei Chen The Tianlai project: a 21cm intensity mapping experiment Cosmo
Apr 2 Marcelo Alvarez Efficient Realizations of the Observable Universe Cosmo
Apr 30 Carmelo Evoli Axion-like particles as Warm Dark Matter candidates: hints from the high-redshift Universe Cosmo

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