Seminars 2011-2012

To propose a seminar please contact Sunghye Baek (Cosmo) or Malgorzata Biczysko (Chemi)

Every Wednesday at 15:00, Aula Maria Curie (Palazzo d’Ancona)

Date Speaker Title Dept.
Sep 28 A. Mesinger Uncovering the story of the first galaxies Cosmo
Oct 5 G. Brancato Simulating the universe (at molecular level) Chemi
Oct 12 S. Mitra Reionization constraints using principal component analysis Cosmo
Oct 26 P. Creminelli Non-gaussianities of primordial perturbations Cosmo
Nov 2 E. Walker The Accelerating Universe Cosmo
Nov 9 M. Zakharov Basis Set Effects with Nuclear-Orbital Apporaches Chemi
Nov 16 U. Maio Chemical evolution of the Universe Cosmo
Nov 23 M. Dijkstra Lya RT through Galactic Outflows: Astro & Cosmological Implications Cosmo
Nov 30 J. Paardekooper The escape of ionising radiation from galaxies during the EoR Cosmo
Dec 7 B. Ciardi Cosmic reionization: theoretical modelling and challenging observations Cosmo
Dec 14 S. Heß A better method to simulate turbulent gas Cosmo
Dec 21 Christmas break
Dec 28 Christmas break
Jan 4 Christmas break
Jan 11 Colloquium della Classe di Scienze
Jan 18 C. Cappelli Modeling solvent effects on molecular properties & spectroscopies Chemi
Jan 25 S. Pandolfi Constraints on number and masses of neutrinos from cosmological data Cosmo
Feb 1 L. Carta Integrated computational approach to structural and spectroscopic
properties of organic pigments relevant for cultural heritage
Feb 8 S. Monti A look inside: modelling for life Chemi
Feb 15 Colloquium della Classe di Scienze
Feb 29 C. Puzzarini Rotational spectroscopy and astrophysical investigations Chemi
Mar 14 E. Tolstoy Living Fossils in the Milky Way and surroundings Cosmo
Mar 21 Colloquium della Classe di Scienze
Mar 28 Chemi
Apr 4 J. Blaizot Lya scattering from Cold Accretion Flows Cosmo
Apr 11 Eastern break
Apr 18 Colloquium della Classe di Scienze
Apr 19 A. Mazumdar Origins for inflation Cosmo
Apr 25 Festivo
May 9 Chemi
May 16 Colloquium della Classe di Scienze
May 23 Chemi
May 24 B. Johnson Star Formation History and the Measurement of Galaxy Properties Cosmo
May 30 L. Popova Plant-Inspired Robots for Space Exploration
Jun 6 C. Coppola State-to-state kinetics in the chemistry of the early Universe Astrobio
Jun 6 V. Laporta Vibrational-excitation electron-CO resonant scattering Astrobio
Jun 13 J. Brucato Prebiotic catalytic processes in space and in laboratory Astrobio
Jun 20 M. Visciarelli Electronic transport: Math, Myths, Mind the Gap Chemi
Jun 21 R. Jimenez Fundamental physics from astronomical observations
Jun 27 Colloquium della Classe di Scienze
Jun 29 M. McQuinn The quest to detect extremely-redshifted 21cm radiation

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