Seminars 2012-2013

To propose a seminar please contact Sunghye Baek (Cosmo) or Malgorzata Biczysko (Chemi)

Every Wednesday at 15:00, Aula Maria Curie (Palazzo d’Ancona)

Date Speaker Title Dept.
Oct 3 S. Whyite High redshift galaxy formation and reionization Cosmo
Oct 10 Chemi
Oct 17 Cosmo
Oct 24 DAVID VII Meeting Chemi
Oct 31 Cosmo
Nov 7 Chemi
Nov 14 S. Fialkov Detectable signature of first stars in 21-cm Cosmo
Nov 21 T. Fornaro Studies on interactions of astrobiologically relevant molecules Chemi
Nov 28 G. Ogiya The core-cusp problem in cold dark matter halos and supernova feedback Cosmo
Dec 5 M. Spaans General Relativity+Topology = Black Holes Induce Dark Energy Cosmo
Dec 12 G. Bernardi The LEDA 21cm dark matter search Cosmo
Dec 19 F. Matteucci Cosmic chemical evolution (SNS Colloquium) Chemi
Dec 26 Christmas break
Feb 6 V. D'Odorico Metals in the IGM: approaching the edge of reionization Cosmo
Feb 7 R. Perna Highly magnetic neutron stars: bewildering astrophysical laboratories
and cosmological tools
Feb 13 Chemi
Feb 20 Cosmo
Feb 27 Chemi
Mar 6 R.Capuzzo Dolcetta Compact Massive Objects in Galatic Centers Cosmo
Mar 12 D. Schleicher Black hole formation in the early Universe Cosmo
Mar 20 Chemi
Mar 27 L.Vallini The cool side of high redshift Universe Chemi
Apr 3 Cosmo
Apr 10 Chemi
Apr 17 Cosmo
Apr 24 Chemi
May 1 Cosmo
May 15 Cosmo
May 22 J. Wise The nature of low-luminosity galaxies and their role during reionization Cosmo
May 27 T. Choudhury Constraining Reionization with Current and Future Datasets Cosmo
May 28 I. McGreer Evolution of high redshift quasars and constraints on reionization Cosmo
May 30 S. Viti The origin and nature of molecular emission in galactic and extragalactic gas Cosmo
Jun 5 Chemi
Jun 12 Cosmo
Jun 19 X. Hernandez Constraining the cosmological equation of state at extremely high-z Cosmo
Jun 26 Science Colloquio Cosmo